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Information Technology Consult

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Joel M. Waltersdorf, CPA, CITP, CGMA

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Work Life

Areas of Specialization
Joel specializes in combining his accounting skills with an extensive knowledge of information technology, providing hardware and software services, data integration, and network administration services for WKMR's clients. He is also involved in accounting and consulting for closely-held businesses and works a extensively with clients in the transportation industry.

Professional Experience
Joel joined WKMR in 1995 after graduating from Arizona State University where he worked his way through college managing a local moving company.

Professional Associations

Real Life

BBA, Accounting, Arizona State University - 1995, Magna Cum Laude

Community Service
As an Eagle Scout, Joel feels strongly about the importance of community service and has volunteered his time with various organizations and events.

Joel enjoys shooting for birdies on the golf course, as well as participating in other sporting activities, including basketball, volleyball, and softball. He also enjoys working on home improvement projects when he is not out riding his motorcycle.


As a business owner or manager, you need to focus your time and energy on your business. Our specialists regularly help our clients make the most appropriate choices for their business. We will work with you to design individualized solutions to meet your information technology needs. In addition, our unique approach to working with you and learning about your business gives us the capability to provide you with so much more.

The professionals at WKMR Technology Solutions, LLC can help you prevent problems and improve business processes, leading to an improved bottom line. Our IT services include:

  • Vendor-independent technology consulting

    We work with you to determine the best solutions for your specific needs, maximizing the value of your technology investments.

  • Long-term technology planning and forecasting

    WKMR will help you develop an IT strategy for your business, helping to budget expenditures and plan upgrades.

  • On-line backup and restore testing

    Are you backing up the right things? Have you tested your backups with a real restore? Without a functioning backup when you need it, your business could be at serious risk.

  • Disaster recovery planning

    The best time to plan for the unexpected is before it happens. We will help you focus on what's important so that you are prepared for the worst.

  • Corporate and mobile email

    From spam control to content filtering to Smartphones, WKMR will help you make the most of your email, in the office and on the road.

  • Internet content filtering and security

    We will help you keep your network secure and your employees productive when using the web.

  • Remote access solutions

    We will help you stay productive outside the office – work when and where you need to.

  • Local and wide area networking

    Our expertise will help you connect all your technology assets, from one network in one building to connecting your main office with your remote sales offices.

  • Desktop support

    Spyware, viruses and other "malware" can hurt performance. We provide anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions to help keep your computers running smoothly and your employees productive.

  • License compliance assessment

    Keeping track of software licenses can be difficult. WKMR will help you ensure you have the correct licensing to meet your needs and stay legal.

Our team of IT professionals combines knowledge of accounting, information technology, and business management to provide custom solutions for your technology needs.

We support your success by making the most of your information technology capabilities. Call WKMR Technology Solutions, LLC today.