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Hair & Dust: The Slow and Silent Computer Killer

BY David Ellingboe
01/28/2014 - 3:22pm

As an IT professional for many years, I have come across many different computer problems. Hardware issues, software problems, viruses. You name it, I’ve seen it. Performing regular maintenance to keep your computer, or server in good working order is just part of owning this equipment. For example, regularly installing software, and operating system updates is crucial. Often forgotten however, is what’s happening on the inside.

Slowly and methodically, dust and hair is most certainly accumulating. Over time clogging vents, covering fans and disrupting regular electronic flow. I recommend powering down, and cleaning equipment once a year. However, depending on environment, this might have to be done more often. If equipment sits in a factory, or shop environment it should be checked more often than once a year.

Take great care when taking the cover off of a computer to clean the inside. If you see dust around the fan then it more than likely looks the same on the inside. Compressed air is fine to use. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this cleaning, please contact WKMR Technology Solutions, LLC to setup an appointment. We would be happy to assist you.

Servers should be located in an environmentally controlled clean space where there’s less contact with dust. Servers should not be taken apart unless you are an IT professional. There are special tools that should be used when cleaning servers. I do not recommend plain compressed air. Specialty cleaning companies exist, and can be hired for this routine cleaning. However, I’m not aware of any in the Milwaukee area. WKMR Technology Solutions, LLC is in possession of this knowhow, and special 


Keeping the inside of your equipment clean is just as important as keeping current with software updates. Equipment will eventually not work because it’s too dirty. I’ve seen it many times. Do not wait until it’s too late, and add cleaning equipment to the regularly scheduled maintenance.

Below, please see some examples found on the web. I would categorize these as worst case scenarios.